The “Carl Kress Jazz Guitar Duets” project started around 1980, after finding the record “Guitar Stylist; Classics in Jazz”, 1947/1953  . The next 30 years I collected all of the recordings by Carl Kress, and all available transcriptions. In 2015 I started transcribing duets by Kress, Lang, McDonough and Mottola. Most of them had never been transcribed or played since the 40´s! In 2016, I started rehearsing with Magnus Karlsson, a guitar player known for his music reading skills. In June 2017, we recorded most of our repertoire. Since the Spring of 2017, we have been performing in jazz clubs and festivals!

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Link: Downbeat review october 2017 (Uppsala)  downbeat logo
Review of “The Carl Kress Jazz Guitar Duets” in NewYorkCityJazzRecord – N.Y´s premier jazz magazine! – link: – february 2018 issue, page 17 & 19!!

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Rick Kress –  music teacher (now retired) at Berklee College of Music, who kindly gave us permission to use his fathers name on the CD cover! Link: – Rick Kress

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The program / Set list:

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